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Secret of Breath

In Hinduism breathing is distinguished in two types those are, breathing through right and the left nostril. Breathing through right nostril is known as suryanadi, that of the sun and is supposed to be warm. Breathing left nostril is known as chandranadi, that of the moon and is supposed to be cold.
Breath comes out through one nostril for two hours and for the next two hours comes out from other nostril. The actions or activities happening are influenced accordingly. During the first day of a certain month, at morning 6 am the suryanadi commences and thus the calculation is made to ascertain whether suryanadi or chandranadi. We can also ascertain it by feeling the breath at the back of our hand or finger.
The auspicious activities during suryanadi are – on an important commercial transaction, during mangalasnanam (marriage bath), nuptial night (shanthi muhurtham or suhag rath) of newly married couple. It is good to consume food while suryanadi commences.  It is also c…

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Significance of Offering Coconut

In Hindu ritual offering a coconut in temple is most common and important. Coconut is offered on occasions like marriages, festivals as well. When we use any new vehicle and when entering new home or when starting a new business breaking a coconut is considered very auspicious. Coconut is also offered in the sacrificial fire known as Homam or Havan. A fresh broken coconut offered by placing before the God and is distributed as Prashad.
Breaking a coconut during worship is considered as destroying our ego. The juice within, considered as our emotions that is offered along with the broken coconut to the Lord. It is believed that a mind gets purified of all sorts of illicit thoughts by breaking a coconut before Lord.

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Significance of Applying Tilak on the forehead

Applying Tilak as a religious mark at forehead creates a sacred at our surrounding. Tilak is applied after completion of prayer at the spot between the eyebrows, which is the prime spot of our memory and our thoughts known as Aajna Chakra in Yogic Language.
The meaning of applying Tilak is our remembrance of the Almighty. This divine feeling would pervade all our actions. We deem to do only righteous deeds. Even at the time we forget this during our daily routine the mark on the forehead of the person around us reminds us of our resolve. Applying Tilak is a divine blessing of the Almighty and acts as a shield against wrong tendencies, and wrong vibrations around us.
The forehead and subtle spot between our eyebrows radiates a positive energy in the form of electromagnetic waves. Hence all our anxieties generate heat causing headache. Applying Tilak makes our head and whole body cool and protect us from losing our energy.

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Blind Belief of Omens

Once a rich man of a village came to know that if a couple of crows were seen during the dawn when rising from bed, would bring fortune in life. Hence he had the desire to see a couple of crows in the dawn.
He instructed his servant to make him awake when two crows sit together nearby in the dawn. The servant as instructed saw a couple of crows sitting near window in the morning. Immediately ran inside the bedroom and made his boss awake.
But, by the time he awoke from bed and went to see the couple of crows, one crow flew away he could see only one crow.  Immediately he shouted and started beating the servant in a rage saying that why didn’t he made him awoke before the second crow flew.  
Now the servant replied calmly, “Boss, the Oman was that when one sees the couple of crow in the dawn would bring fortune, but I saw the couple of crows in the dawn and as a result I am being throbbed and censured by you now”.
As he heard these words of his servant, he realised his…

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Yudhishtra’s Charity & Compassion

One day when Pandavas taking food a there came a poor man asking for any sort of alms saying that he is starving in poverty. 
Yudhishtra immediately called that poor man to his side and donated him a silver bowl with his left hand because he was eating food with his right hand. The poor man received the silver bowl from Yudhishtra and went away thanking him.
As the poor man went away, Bheema asked Yudhishtra, “Dear Brother, is it not sinful to donate with left hand? Moreover you will not the benefit of charity when given with left hand?”
Yudhishtra while replying said, “My dear Bheema, I became compassionate when hearing that poor man’s pathetic life condition and immediately the idea of donating that silver bowl arose in my mind. But had I decided to donate him that silver bowl after I get my hands washed, perhaps my mind would have changed, I would even have decided to donate him something else instead of donating a silver bowl. So whenever we decid…

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Significance of Having Prayer Room at ourHouse

It is our Hindu tradition to have a prayer room at our houses. We are habitual to light a lamp and worship the Lord daily by doing meditation. On festival occasions and celebrations we do special worship at our prayer room.
Having a prayer room at our house symbolically means that the Lord is the head of our family hence it is considered the Master room in our house. The Lord is the real owner of our family and home. Thus by having a prayer room we get rid of our arrogance & selfishness,  While our home and our family belong to the Lord, we are merely the caretaker of Lord’s belongings. Hence to felicitate the Lord’s presence at our house by having a separate room for prayer room which should be kept very clean and well adorned.
As the Lord is omnipresent it is appropriate to have a prayer room for our Lord at our home. Nothing would be possible without the grace of our Lord. Hence we appeal to his grace by interacting with him in terms …

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Autobiography of Siva Vakkiyar (Part 9)

The next day morning as usual Siva Vakkiyar went to forest to cut bamboo. There he saw the dead bodies of four men he met yesterday. Presuming that those dreadful poisonous gold granules would have killed these four men, he walked on his way to cut bamboo.
Siva Vakkiyar continued his meditation and spirituality while remaining in marital life. He wrote number of poetries on every kind every kind of sufferings of people that disheartened Siva Vakkiyar as a result of its deep impact. Those poetries written by Siva Vakkiyar were known as “Siva Vakyam”.
Some says that the Great Saint of Vaishnava, Thirumazisai Alwaar was Siva Vakkiyar. While some other says SivaVakkiyar is the reincarnation of a Siddar who died before completion of his meditation in previous birth.
However, the chain of incidents happened during Siva Vakkiyar’s life span are self explanatory to prove that he is an atheist or believer of God. It is believed that he lived the last days…

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Autobiography of Siva Vakkiyar (Part 8)

As planned, two of them stayed at forest with the gold granules and the remaining two went from there to a nearby village to get dinner. While returning to forest they both thought of usurping the gold granules because if it is shared for four persons the share would be less. They both decided to kill those sleeping at forest hence they mixed some poison in the food to kill those two.
Whereas the two who were waiting at forest for food also thought the same way. They too have planned to kill the two, who went to bring food. These two also planned to kill them by pushing them in to the nearby well.
As the two returned to forest with food, they began to eat food and asked them to get water from the nearby well. Those two, having no clue of what is going to happen, went near to the well to get water happily thinking that the poisoned food would kill those two. As they approached the well these two finished eating the poisoned food and went near to the …

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Autobiography of Siva Vakkiyar (Part 7)

While Siva Vakkiyar staring at the gold granules frightfully, their came four men on that way.  They inquired him what he staring at fearfully. Siva Vakkiyar narrated them that dreadful poison that can destroy human life was coming out of that bamboo tree. The four persons saw that old bamboo tree and the gold granules falling out of the cut bamboo. Now they could make out what had happened. They considered Siva Vakkiyar as a fool and they misinterpreted Siva Vakkiyar saying that that was really dreadful poison if he stands there it would kill him. By hearing these words from those men Siva Vakkiyar went away from that place fearfully. They mocked and laughed behind Siva Vakkiyar saying what a fool he was.
Now those four men went to that old bamboo tree and got all the gold granules packed in a cloth. By the time they did so it became so dark. Considering that it would be unsafe to travel with gold granules at night two of them stayed with gold gra…

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Autobiography of SivaVakkiyar (Part 6)

Once, Siva Vakkiyar while cutting an old bamboo tree inside the forest, gold granules fell out from the broken bamboo. Siva Vakkiyar surprised to see thos gold granules falling on the ground from the bamboo.
Immediately he worshipped Lord Shiva and asked him “Hey Lord is it appropriate to test your sincere devotee like this? I want to be sanctified and attain moksha but despite showering spirituality on me you bestow wealth on me? Like a hunter tries to catch the lion by showing a dear before it, are you trying to challenge my sanctity by bestowing these gold granules?
Only the people who don’t know the morale of life would only get yielded to these gold granules. The good morale is to live with the wealth earned through hard work. Siva Vakkiyar was much Worried about the troubles that these gold granules going to bring. He worshipped the Lord and took a step back from those gold granules and kept staring it fearfully.

To be continued…….
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Autobiographyof Siva Vakkiyar (Part 5)

As her parents returned from the forest, they were surprised to see Siva Vaakkiyar resting at their place and stood at a distance from Siva Vakkiyar and revered him. They wonderingly inquired about the purpose of Siva Vakkiyar’s visit to their poor shelter.  
Siva Vakkiyar narrated them about his search of a girl to marry and their daughter fulfills the condition and divine qualities to him by cooking tasty food out of the sand and gourd given by him. Saying so Siva Vakkiyar explained her parents that it is purely their wish to get their daughter married to him. Her parents being delighted agreed to get their daughter married to Siva Vakkiyar. Siva Vakkiyar sighed in a big relief that he got the suitable girl to marry as guided by Siddar. They both got married in due course of time.
Although Siva Vakkiyar had conjugal pleasure with her, but she was very particular that she should not disturb his spirituality and meditation. Siva Vakkiyar also very …

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Autobiography of Siva Vakkiyar (Part 4)

As Siva Vakkiyar kept meditating on the way to his place, as guided by Siddar, he got the blessing of Goddess Saraswathy and bestowed Siva Vakkiyar with endless wisdom. With this blessing he wrote numerous poetries on his precious spiritual experiences.  He preached divinity wherever he stayed. He showed spiritual path to the suffering people he met with, throughout his travel.
Some ladies who met Siva Vakkiyat kept staring at Siva Vakkiyar’s youthful body and tried to propose him.  Siva Vakkiyar used to reply them saying, that he would only marry a girl who can cook this sand and this gourd that was so bitter to a tasty food. Knowing its unfeasibility the ladies mocked at Siva Vakkiyar and went away. Siva Vakkiyar replied those mocked at him that pure and innocent heart can achieve any impossible task.
One day Siva Vakkiyar happened to stay at place of a tribal community. Influenced by the cosmic power, a tribal girl came to meet Siva Vakkiyar t…

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Autobiography of Siva Vakkiyar (Part 3)

Now Siddar looking at looking intently at Siva Vakkiyar and handed over him some money which he earned through his cobbling work and also gave him a gourd which was very bitter in taste and said to Siva Vakkiyar “Handover this money to my sister Ganges River and get this gourd washed because it is very bitter in taste”.
Siva Vakkiyar being so delighted by seeing Siddar, never had a thought that whatever Sidder asked him to do would be possible or not. Without uttering a single word Siva Vakkiyar received the money and gourd from Siddar and reached the bank of the river Ganges.
As he looked at the river Ganges a lady’s hand with full of bangles came out of the Holy Ganges. Now Siva Vakkiyar handed over the money given by Siddar to that lady’s hand. Receiving the money the hand vanished inside the river. Then Siva Vakkiyar washed the gourd in the river Ganges which was so bitter in taste and returned back to Siddar’s place and stood before Siddar re…

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Autobiography of Siva Vakkiyar
(Part 2)

Kasi has been the holiest place in this universe since many Yugas. Visiting Kasi atleast once in the life time has been the desire of every person in this world. Siva Vakkiyar also had such desire which draw him towards the Holy Place Kasi.
At Kasi Siva Vakkiyar Met a Rishi who was cobbler who has the knowledge and was an expertise in controlling breath. He was an expert in Pranayama. Knowing his saintly qualities, people in that place revered him and worshipped him as their Mentor. 
But there were certain people, who couldn’t tolerate the increasing popularity of the Saintly Siddar who was a Cobbler. They kept insulting him and defaming him and his knowledge. But the saintly Siddar who was a cobbler did not feel proud about people worshipping him, nor did he feel sad when people defamed him. His feelings and spirituality remained unaffected always. But his intention was to have a dedicated pupil for him. 
As Siva Vakkiyar came to know about the name…